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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start receiving books?
Our cut off date is the last day of every month in order to receive the books the following month. If you register your child on the 31st of December, your child will receive his/her first book in February.

How do I know if my child is accepted into the program?

You will be notified via email when the registration is approved or entered into our system.

Are the books age appropriate?

Yes, All books within the program are age-appropriate and are recommended by publishing house.

I’m moving, what do I need to do? 

Please kindly email to

Do all children receive the same books?

Yes, each child within an age group receives the same monthly book unless in the event of unforeseen circumstances where books are unable to be indented, we will swap with another book of similar or equivalent educational value.

What kind of books will my child receive?

We make sure children receive an appropriate book by allocating them to an age group based on their year of birth. For example, children born in 2019 will receive board books with minimal text focusing on nurture and attachment, whereas a child born in 2015 will receive a softcover picture book, covering more complex concepts.  A child enrolled from birth to their fifth birthday will build their own home library of up to 60 books. 

I’m expecting our baby in 6 months, when can I sign them up?

You may sign your baby up as soon as they are 1 years old!

I've stopped receiving books, what should I do?

Please kindly email to

How to register?

Click on the Register My Child tab to register.

How do you choose the books?

All titles are recommended by local publishing house. Project 60 Books and the local publishing house communicate regularly to review and refresh the book list, drawing on their years of experience in early years and education. This ensures each book is age-appropriate, and the list features a broad range of titles, authors, and genres.

If you are a early childcare expert or educator and will like to join the committee, please reach out to us at

Do you offer bilingual books?

Not at the moment but we are planning to offer bilingual books.

What should I do if my child have outgrown the books?

Feel free to donate to the local charity organisation.

Will my details be shared with anyone?

No. We will not share your details with anyone apart from those necessary to make this project work.

How can I ensure that my child will receive books till the end of 5 years old?

When your child registers successfully under this program, we will set aside funds for books until he/she completes 5 years old.

How is this project funded?

This project is funded by the donations of kind individuals that believe children should spend more time reading than being on their digital devices as they are growing up. At the same time, it is important the parents spend time reading to/with their children than simply giving them digital devices.

I have received sponsored items together with the book. Are my personal data given to third party?

No, any third party are only given the total number of children of a specific age group and gender in order to obtain age and gender appropriate items. No individual particulars are ever released in our program.​

How can I make a donation to this program?

Please kindly email to

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